Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worry and Tension crucial to Indian culture

People in india, and i guess around the world, have problems. But in India, people tend to take the more pessimistic and cynical route to these problems giving rise to what i see as a national cultural hobby: worrying. People worry about water, about electricity, about getting more money, but mostly about social expectations and guidelines set up in this amazingly conservative society. Indian society, for the most part, is filled with expectations and conformity: it wants to dictate every facet of every persons life possible. Whether its eating certain kinds of food on certain days (non veg is considered taboo on tuesdays) to rituals one must perform in every wake of life, from marriage, death, childbirth, or even entering a new house recently purchased etc. Especially the older generation tends to worry to an extent that is nothing sort of ludicrous amazement. The other day my parents were having a conversation with me on where i would like to educate my children! Imagine that! My parents fretting about my kids (i am not even close to getting married for about 5-6 years)!! Parents first worry about admission of their kids into school, their habitual expenses, health expenses, social expenses; then once the kids graduate from college, the subject of tension move to his/her marriage; and once they are married the new worry becomes whether and when they will have children, and then once again the admission of the grand children into school, college etc.....and like this the endless and relentless circle of worry keeps on enduring in india through self-perpetration by people. It is as if they have agreed that life is not worth living if theres nothing to worry about !! Forget having fun in life, the indian way is to live life as frugally and simplistic as possible with maximum planning for the future, which usually ends up being unpredictable and unexpected, once again leading to more worries, more hypertension and i guess some weird sadistic satisfaction for those who indulge in the fretting....

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