Saturday, July 11, 2009

The lower class strive to be lowered

Im always amazed by the way the poor in India (about 300 million or so) choose to act, behave and respond towards their more affluent peers. Now keep in mind, when I say the poor in the india, im also excluding the extreme poor, the destitutes the likes of which one might see begging with their missing limbs on stop lights etc., which also number around 300 million or so. The regular poor are people, in my educated opinion, earning about $200-$400 a month, which is sufficient to live or survive in India. These people, as I have noticed, tend to keep themselves knowingly subservient to the other classes, always paying extra respect in the company of such others. It is not uncommon for a person in a car to literally order another one of these poors to give some sort of service as in purchasing something for them and bringing it to their car etc.; it is as if the upper classmen understand the place in society of these individuals as generally that of a servant, where its almost his duty to do the performed task. Ive even seen cases where the refusal from such a poor to go do a task that an upper classmes demanded resulted in his beating or public humiliation where vulgarities were hurled at him, cursing him that he may stay just as poor for all his life. In reciprocity, the poor, already accustomed to being ordered and pushed around, gladly accept their servile duty, in some cases even offering to run errands for the elite, for in compensation they might get either get the company of such an elite person or his blessings, which are received with great honour. I personally enjoy some of these, such as ordering one of the guys who operates a juice cart in front of our house, to go get beer cans, or bring me something to eat, or ordering one of our male nurses from our clinic to do one task or another that I deem rather unappealing due to the scorching heat outside. Sometimes I am humbled by the things these people are willing to do for more affluent individuals like me, but then I realize that this is the natural progression of things - these people, although ambitious, prefer to stay down, and even promote it themselves, so why not keep them stripped of any self-worth or respect, especially when there's 300 million of them!! Imagine the helping hands....

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