Monday, October 25, 2010

Americans (and americanism) Outsourced

One of the male nurses who works at my dad's clinic in Bahadurgarh,India was discussing the issue of American jobs being brought back east to India. His son had just joined one of the myriad IT firms; his post was however that of a low level clerical officer. Still his dad was very enthusiastic, claiming that his high school graduate son had landed a "fully AC" job, or a workplace where the air conditioner was permanently on. That's where it struck me that the current trend of outsourcing can never ever be curbed or saturated in any way. The fact that an air conditioned office is seen as a sign of success and achievement loudly states how grateful and willing the Indian middle or soon to be middle class is!!! No American who is getting paid $7-10/hour will ever appreciate nor show any enthusiasm for a rather "boring, tedious, monotonous" job such as those that started the very IT outsourcing boom in India. The kid I'm talking about makes about $200 a month, and that is considered very lucky for a high school graduate, and very mid-of-middle class in India. People working these firms take pride in aspects such as A/C office, getting a separate desk and computer, a company cab that picks them up and drops them off; perks such as these are seen as rather mundane or sub-par in most western countries. In India the fact that a special cab has been appointed to transport you (and 10-20 others) to the workplace is seen as a sought after privilege. This new emerging middle class in the emerging developing markets of India will fuel the economy for decades to come; already they are starting to indulge in American consumerism, buying trendy brands from watches to shoes blindly, with calvin klein, hugo, fossil, ford etc. becoming brands of showcasing one's new found success. Hopefully this ride wont end in a full blown credit crisis such as most Americans are trying to shake off.