Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crazy in or as America

Maybe its just me , but its seems to me that white people are just plain crazy; i dont mean crazy as just facetiously, but certifiably, pscyhologically speaking crazy. It stems from the fact that they either cannot tolerate life's rather unhappy offerings, or are easily bored by it. Nothing else explains their activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, cave exploring, river rafting, mountain climbing etc. I understand as humans, some of us have an innate passion or desire to conquer the realms of Earth beyond our usual grasp; but white people just really push the envelope.

I mean jumping off airplanes, tying ropes and jumping off buildings/bridges: it all seems so very sadistic, as if a mockery of real life. In India we got people chopping off limbs to make a dime or two, literally, and on other end we got Bro's who get a "rush" from junping off of high altitudes. You want a rush how about chopping your arm off and chasing vehicles at stoplights for chump change, or pedalling a rickshaw through thick traffic while you get slapped and yelled at. This is all because they deem life rather boring and mundane. Now when life hands our white brothers some lemons, oh man do they freak out. From opening fire in McDonals to post offices to killing people at random and just going home to bed like nothing at all happened, some white's have really put the C in crazy. My motivation for this blog was due to the recent event in Texas where a pilot, due to his recent domestic argument with the wifey, first burned down the house and then rammed his plane into an IRS building to vent his anger!! I mean whatever happened to sipping on a few budweiser's and just cooling yourself? Or maybe even popping a few Prozac's and bottling up your anger and discontent? Because in India, thats what Indians do. There are drastic deficiencies in every realm of life, from drinking water to electricity to traffic etc., but people dont just go crazy. They realize the fact that should be realized and appreciated as soon as possible: Life is a struggle (for some), deal with it (in some way). Im scared out my mind especially due to the recent economic crisis, because the oh-so normal routine of life of dineyland trips to see the rat, family cruises to bahamas, GM cars and swimming pools is slowly slipping away from more and more families grasp, and they cant stand it......