Monday, July 19, 2010

The glass is always half empty in India

Indians, in my opinion, embrace negativity. They like to belittle, utter condescending remarks, insult, question, hypothesize, predict (failure usually), play down, bummer, criticize,doubt and distrust your decision. I am not saying that out of anger from a recent situation, but it just came to my mind before I was planning on telling my parents, and people back home in general, about my next year academic plans. I just had this feeling that maybe not from my parents, but for sure from other family members, or friends or random people in general, I will get a speech about the mistake I had committed, or my punctuality in attaining goals. Anyways, I have seem hundreds of people in hundreds of situations where it would usually call for a celebration or a toast or two here in the States; but in India somehow someway someone will come up with a reason that your decision was not the wisest one, some little pessimistic remark, sometimes pretty hilarious actually. I'm not approving of the sometimes excessive enthusiasm and optimism people in US have, but once you are exposed to the positive, its very hard to take constant,random,groundless criticism; It can be a little confusing, usually once a year for me, but I think it actually makes me appreciate the optimism a bit more. May Evolution bless America.