Monday, July 27, 2009

Dont be scared when you get Stared at in India

Indians are very observational in nature. It could be because it is inherent in them to notice things on a general basis, or could be due to boredom that prevails there, or even curiosity, and perhaps even social policing of some sort. But one thing is for sure - indians stare at everything, everyone and everywhere, atleast in my extensive experience. When i walk out of my house into the narrow streets of our colony (neighborhood i guess you can call it), i recieve stares from the street level to the balconies of houses. Aunties of different ages usually sprout everywhere in a typical colony in any indian neighborhood, even more emphatically in any punjabi community. They are the usual gossipers, ever so current on the regular ways of life of everyone in the community. Whether you have gotten a haircut, or bought some new clothes, or bringing food from outside, they notice, and they spread the news. I also get stared at when i go out of my dads clinic by the shopkeepers on the opposite side of the road; again my each and every move is noticed and perhaps commented upon. I have been approaced by people some days inquiring "how was the food you got from so and so place last night? i saw you with 2 bags in your hands. what did you get to eat?" etc. The people in the lower socioeconomic status tend to stare, or i guess notice more things in general. When i approach a sidelined food cart in my car or if i pass through a lower status neighborhood, people tend to follow the car as a cop follows a possible suspect. Women have the worst of it, of course. If you are even barely beautiful or attractive in nature, indian men will relentlessly stare at you; in fact its a common joke that indian men can even rape someone just by staring, such is the attention and deviousness that they stare at women with. I guess you could it would hard to avoid it as there are a billion plus people and thus couple of billions of eyes, and well, they gotta look at something, so hey why not you....

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