Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Indian's Inquisition

Indians would make a great police force, not due to their physical abilities (most are skinny and weak) or their quest for justice (indians love inequality in every realm of life), but to their incessant and relentless interrogation. Indians love to prod into each other's life by means of excessive and extreme questioning ranging from one's social,cultural values to religious practices to eating habits to daily routine. Ive been asked personal questions regarding my sleep cycle to my abscence from any religious affairs; Ive been asked about prejudiced notions of "american" culture such as an explanation of why the divorce rate is so high or why the women are shameless in western countries; ive been asked about what kind of fruits one can avail in the US, or why such broad and confusing inquires such as why does the world hate Indians; ive been asked to clarify the ways of a disease or a drug, no matter how little the interrogator might know about human anatomy or physiology; why is the sky blue? why do people get sick? why do you wake up so late? why dont you drink milk twice a day? why dont you touch your grandpa's feet every morning? why did you leave india? why do you come back so often, and for so long, to india? when will you get married? how will you or to whom do want to get married? why do americans hate indians? and on and on and on......Everyone seems to partake in the most deliberate and expansive inquisitions, meanwhile offering their "indispensible advice" on how to conduct a certain act of life/behavior. The irony is no one ever questions the corrupt politicians, the injustices perpetrated by the hindu culture against the poor or opposite sex, the horrific state of living of almost half the country, and the deepening divide between the different socioeconomic classes/castes in the country; no one seems to be bothered by these ongoing evils in indian society.....yet they wonder, in a very surprising and obsessive manner, why I keep my head shaved constantly, and that too in winter???....

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