Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi Sir, Do You Want To Start Following My god?

I remember a hilarious incident that epitomizes my Atheistic, or perhaps just my anti-religion, stance along with my habit of expressing very candid opinion, which sometimes just happens to have cynical or sarcastic undertones.

Although I dont remember the exact day or date, I was walking to my class (Physics I think) and I was just about to cross this very busy intersection that marks the boundary between the actual campus ( of UCSB) and the living community (of Isla Vista,CA) where it was very usual for various groups to set up tables and try to coerce/coax the pedestrians into believing about something that usually is pretty much some dumb shit. Among the sea of these zealous and intrusive people passing their flyers and yelling their stuff, this one lady approached me and asked me a question that I actually find offensively hilarious, or hilariously offensive.

She asked me if I would "like to get to know the bible, Sir", to which I replied within a breath, "No I dont like to read fiction", which is indeed very true. The lady looked a bit dumbfounded but I couldnt really tell as I didnt even stop and pause for a second.

Now I understand that one of the main features of any organized religion is to always bother people to join theirs, but to do it at that location and time is pretty stupid as well. What are these people thinking? I am on the way to my class at 10 in the morning with a slight hangover and a slight high when all of a sudden within a time frame of 15 seconds I am going to decide to just switch over the most basic belief a person can have without contemplating it at all. Ill just accept Jesus as my savior on a Wednesday morning to show people my whimsical self, or perhaps I will turn Communist while getting an ice cream at the mall.

And especially some of the Christians, these people dangle a bowl of rice in front of people's face until you accept lord jesus, and then wonder why they always get attacked or pillaged by the same people when they wake up in reality. There have been several instances in India where Christians have held mass conversions, and then they got burned and murdered by the people of the same village.

You cannot go into a country as conservative and religious as India, and try to convert the usually unlucky ones into believing that your way works while theirs doesnt, and that is because....well, there is no right way of believing how world and life and people work, so to stand at a corner, especially at a college, and wave a bible in front of people's faces in hope that at least one person will "see the truth" is not only moronic but also instigative of a reaction.

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