Friday, December 10, 2010

Stop your whining

I just dont understand the validity of all the poor people I see in America. I am talking about the poor people though who always blame the government or society or immigrants or whatever as a reason for their socioeconomic condition. I always hear from or see these people on television pitching their problems about not having money like I care. Thats because I believe in something called "internal locus of control" in the field of Psychology (vs external locus of control) . That is I believe that most of the people end up where they are pretty much due to their own actions. I mean, of course there are coincidences and happenings that are outside of our control like accidents, deaths etc., but I firmly think that most people end up poor, or rather with less money than they always desire, because of the choices they make. After seeing some of the things that people (millions of them by the way) in India do to make money, I cannot consider any argument about one's economic problems as credible at all. If a person can voluntarily have one of their limbs cut off so that they can perhaps get more money begging, I cannot believe anyone whining and moaning about money until I see atleast 2 limbs off. So its not that most people dont get opportunities, and Im talking about America, its just that most people choose not to act on those opportunities, and then come to a harsh realization later. If a homeless person wants money, just move to India and get the chop or something, just stop being a burden on me & the society. Maybe I'm wrong.....


  1. G's CHOP SHOP's grand opening is on January 1st right next to IV Deli... Pirate the bum has already committed both of his legs...

    It'll be nice! I just lined the cutting room with plastic yesterday.

  2. and you know those greedy fcks mike and sam at the mart will happily serve some hobo shawermas or falafels. I was wishing this recent economic crisis might bring out at least a couple of stubs