Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Season of giving, but I beg to differ

In the western world, the end of december is known as the season of giving, a time when people do whatever they can to help others. And contrary to all you might have been able to judge about me through this blog, I can be a kind and helpful person. The easiest way to give, or at least the way I have seen, is to help a homeless hobo, or as in India we call them "Bikhari" or beggars. In India these vagrants are not necessarily homeless, they usually dwell in illegal shanty towns or pitch a tent on the side of road, even sometimes complete with luxuries such as televisions etc.

What really grinds my gears is the way the homeless or needy ASK for help in America, sometimes almost demanding it, or thats the way I see it. I mean these people stand there with their cardboard help signs and an empty cup, and think they can just ASK me for help, and of course they never end up getting even a mouthful of my precious spit in their begging bowl. Let me clarify this further for the confused ones reading this. The way people get "help" or as I see it, free money, in India is really commendable. I mean they really put the beg in begging. From having limbs cut off so they an fetch some sympathy, to carrying an emaciated, weak, malnourished baby in their arms, there are myriad ways of really toying with the emotions of a person, in order to get a couple of rupees(2-3 cents!!!) I might add. It is very common for beggars on street to advertise their open wounds on hands and legs in plain view, again to garner some sympathy and thus some free money.

In America though, homeless people think they can just walk up to me with a smile and ask for some change! How presumptuous and over confident of them!! They beg in such a perfunctory manner that it actually angers me, much less kindle some sympathy. If you are going to ask for free money, you have to do something for it in addition to just asking. People in India touch my feet, make helpless and crying faces, carry their rib-caged kids; I mean they really BEG for the money, not just ASK for it. And not to mention what people actually do to MAKE money in India, as rickshaw drivers (my favorites), house servants ( and yes servants, not maids), laborers for construction etc etc. These people usually make around $50-$150 a month doing some of the most enduring, humiliating, admirable jobs I have EVER seen on the face of the earth. And you think you can just walk up to me and ask for a little help or some change?? You have got be kidding me. I would rather throw a pretty penny in a wishing well or down the drain rather than give it to one of those lazy bums. So please, next time I want to a see a person down on their knees touching my feet and BEGGING for money or help, not just ASKING for it. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!


  1. Did I tell u the story about pirate asking me for change before I walked into keg and bottle and me giving him all the change I had and telling him I had done so... This guy has the nerve of asking me for some more change on the way out... WTF!!!

    Pirate was so blitzed he didn't remember I had just given him everything in my pockets less than two minute ago. He didn't even remember my face all he did was ask for more! I should have just bought a blunt!

  2. Thats EXACTLY what im complaining about; you give these ungrateful bastards some money and they spend it on something like booze....here when i do drop a rupee in a bowl (rare), the leper goes out of his way to bless me, my family and uses it for something like FOOD for him and his family....