Thursday, April 2, 2009


I chose to write this a blog as means of preserving the experiences, ideas, perceptions, comments, happenings, epiphanies, opportunities, anecdotes - anything and everything that exists within my mind as a direct result of my migration in 1999. I emigrated to the US that summer from my small town, Bahadurgarh, in India, and needless to say, things have never been the same. So instead of writing a book, a task I think requires muh more discipline than writing a blog, which is similar to just vomiting the thoughts out a little less coherently. The blogs will be in no order what so ever, just random short essays/rants/commentaries whose intention, if any intended, is to kindle some thoughts/opinions/perceptions relating to the experience of a immigrant, however faintly it is actually reflected in the post. So here's my puke. Enjoy.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. This is a free for all, unlike the community where you promoted your blog (Mouthshut) because I have seen there that people get offended a little too easily. Here you can be what you want. You'll need to do your bit to popularize your blog here because its a little difficult to get readers to be hooked to your blog.

    Writer's Block