Thursday, April 2, 2009

land of opportunities

america is known as the land of opportunities, and no this isnt going to be a blog raving about the great country that is america because of its seemingly warm attitude to immigrants. But i think that the plethora of "opportunities" that people usually refer to in terms of immigrants is jobs. Money. When most people quote that america is land of opportunities, they mean, to a great extent, that america is land filled with money/jobs, which is also the presumption that actual immigrants tend to give to america. Under my experience, i think its not only money, but the other prevalent opportunites that are the de facto product of the life in america. I'm referring to the actual sociological construct in society, the personal development as an individual, the civic atmosphere, the experiences of actually being in american culture. These are the "opportunities",intances etc. that have contributed more towards my better being than actual, monetary or any tangible gain.
It is the fact that as one lives here, one inevitablly finds out, immerses in, or gets a hint of american life sometime (more commentary on american life later) and realizes that the untold faculties of society, such as civic sense or social expectations, are much less conservative and user defined than anywhere else I have ever seen. So its being exposed to a whole another world, the definition of migration, that inevitably leads to a change - ideas,thoughts,perceptions etc.- that are the best gains of the journey.
That change is something that cannot be described or explained as it never ceases - every single day there is some aspect of life ,as played here in america or back home in india, that triggers a mountain of thoughts, usually juxtaposing that very aspect of life, or life itself in general. It is as if migration makes one into a perpetual motion machine, constantly trying to settle yourself comfortably right in between the two dots on maps you call home. And that is exactly why I never will, nor can regret my decision to leave "home".

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